Sunday, July 5, 2020

Day 23 - Made it to Emigrant MT

We had a great time in Cody, we spent two days there and left for Yellowstone.  We spent four days at Yellowstone, three nights.  I have not had any internet until tonight.

Yellowstone was amazing!  My only problem with Yellowstone was a Ranger saw my camera and asked if I made money off my photos and videos.  I told the truth and said yes, so he told me I needed a license and walked me to my van to put up my gear.  But luckily Spike took over filming for me, he will be posting some videos on his YouTube channel which is perfectly legal.  Spike to the rescue!

We saw Old Faithful erupt, that was nice.  But, we also saw Steamboat erupt and that was unbelievable! 

Monday, June 29, 2020

Day 17 - Made it to Thermopolis

It was a short drive to Thermopolis,  that was nice.  We visited the Hot Springs State Park, it was a lot of fun.  We went to Hellie's Teepee and Spa and spent a couple of hours there. 

We ate dinner at the One Eye Buffalo,  I had a Rueben and Debra a Chipotle Chicken salad, both very good.

We spent the night at Eagle RV Park.

It is a very well run RV campground,  the owners were friendly and treated us well.   The bathrooms were clean and the park well maintained.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Day 16 Sheridan to Worland

We left Sheridan and took US14 over parts of the Big Horn mountains.   What a beautiful drive that was!  The views were unbelievable,  I highly recommend this route if you're in the area.

We stopped in Greybull and enjoyed a very nice dinner at Lisa's Western Cuisine and Spirits.  We were seated on the patio under a tree, I don't know what kind of tree but it was a nice western tree.  They kindly allowed Spike to sit with us there and we all enjoyed the early Wyoming evening.

After dinner we drove to Worland and spent the night at Worland RV Park and Campground.   We called them on short notice and they made room for us.   It is a nice campground and we had a great night's sleep.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Day 15 - Still in Sheridan WY

Today we visited a couple of places and walked around downtown Sheridan.   We even found a free dump station in Washington Park.  There is potable water there to purchase, 25 cents gets you 12 gallons.  That is a deal in my book!

Our first stop was Trails End Historic Site.  A beautiful mansion built in the Flemish Revival style. with indoor plumbing and electrical wiring. Home of John B. Kendrick and his family, who was a rancher, a United States senator from 1917-1933 and Governor of Wyoming from 1915-1917.

Next, Gardiner and I visited the  Brinton Museum in Big Horn, WY.  While Gardiner sat in the van with Spike, I went inside to see what this museum had to offer.  I was very impressed.  I didn't plan to spend a lot of time inside since they were waiting in 90 degree early summer splendor of Wyoming.

First I saw the exhibit of old Native American clothing.  Among the collection were headdresses, women robes with beading, moccasins and more.  The collection was exquisite.  Also, some great paintings.

Across the hall, was the Takuwe art installation. Takuwe is the Lakota word for Why.  This exhibit tells the story of the massacre at Wounded Knee.  It was a very compelling exhibit. It told of a very troubling period in our history but I was glad to see it.

And we saw a big horn in Big Horn!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Day 14 - Made it to Sheridan, WY

We left Gillette in the morning,  we did stop by the Rock, Scissors,  Paper roadside attraction.

We dodged a lot of stormy weather and made it to Casper to pickup a package that was shipped there for us.

From then north to Sheridan for the night.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Spent the night at Walmart in Gillette

The weather was a little stormy, so before settling in we drove around looking for cover if it started to hail.  The Walmart has a drive through with room for a couple of Class Bs.  There is also a bank next to where the RVs are suppose to park that has room for four Class Bs.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Day 13 - Made it to Gillette, WY

We left Rapid City and drove on US 14A  through Spearfish Canyon.  It was very beautiful,  I will be posting videos later.

We made our way to Devil's Tower,  it's very impressive when you see it in person.   

Videos to come.

As we pulled into Gillette when found a male and female Pronghorn deer  just in town.  He was fun to watch and run around.   I believe his partner was laying down because it's about the time of year they give birth.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Day 12 - Back to Rapid City from Sturgis and Deadwood

Today we drove to Sturgis and Deadwood.  They both were nice, but we really enjoyed Deadwood the most.  We had a good night's stay at Cabela's so we came back again for tonight.