Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Duck Donuts - Hershey, PA

Slow to update my blog, but we are home!

We had a great trip, saw lots of beautiful places and met many great people!  We were on the road 35 days and traveled 5,180 miles making it from Georgia all the way to Bar Harbor, Maine!  We spent eight nights in campgrounds and the rest at Wal-Marts, Cracker Barrels, American Legion Posts and one night at a rest area along the Interstate.  I had a lot to get caught up with once I got home, but that is mostly done and now I can edit some videos.  

I will be posting some videos shortly, I hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Passed through Elverson, PA

As we head north toward Maine we passed through a little town called Elverson.  I saw this old bank building and I first that it was an old jail.  It was a cool looking building that I hope gets fixed up.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Hershey's Chocolate World and Duck Donuts

We left the campground today and stopped by Hershey's Chocolate World.   It was an interesting place, we took the tour and then did some gift shopping.   We even had a Bar B Que sandwich made with a chocolate BBQ sauce!

We then stopped at Duck Donuts in Hershey,  and glad we did!  We had some really good donuts, I will have a video posted soon of our visit.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Made it to Hershey!

We spent the night in Everett, PA in Wal-Marts's parking lot.  We visited Bedford. PA, it's a very old city and has some beautiful old buildings.   We the drive to Gettysburg and visited the Gettysburg National Military Park.

After a short visit we headed toward Hershey to check in to the RV park.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Flight 93 memorial

Today we visited the Flight 93 memorial in Stoystown, PA.  It is a very inspiring place, it tells about the events that day and the sacrifices people made that day.  I left feeling like I know more of those that were on the flight and the people they left behind.

Spent the night at Cracker Barrel in Staunton, VA

Had a nice drive from Morristown to Staunton.  We stopped in Wytheville and walked around town, lots of great shops in town.  We then made a stop in Lexington. We walked past the The Red Hen but it was not open.  My wife considered eating there if the menu looked good.

Then off the Staunton to spend the night at Cracker Barrel.

I met another Pleasure Way owner on their way to the rally at the Cracker Barrel.

Monday, September 10, 2018

On our way to the Pleasure Way rally in Hershey, PA

Spent the night last night at the Cracker Barrel in Morristown, NC.  We are stopping for lunch in Wytheville, VA and parked next to a LTV Unity.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Here is a an example of one of the great benefits of RV'ing.

My brother, his wife and two other couples rented a cabin in Gatlinburg, TN at Venture Resorts. My brother did not want to leave his pistol in his Jeep while they were eating out one night, so he left it in the cabin. When they got back after dinner his pistol was missing and it was obvious that someone went through all of everyone's belongings. The cabin had not been broken into, so it had to have been and employee he believes. The cabins have keypads to get in with and they are changed after the previous guest leaves. He filed a police report and the cabins resort does not want to take care of him.
I am glad I have my own RV to stay in and not have to worry about such. I know someone could break in and steal my stuff, but at least I don't have to worry about someone with just a key coming in.

Friday, March 16, 2018

USCG Ingham and sunset

Today was a quiet day, we just stayed in the RV park relaxing.  We planned on visiting the USCG Ingham and watching the sunset from there.  It is an event every Friday and Saturday evening starting one hour before sunset.  There was about fifty people onboard as well as about ten dogs.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sunset at Mallory Square

Enjoyed watching the sunset tonight at Mallory Square.   There sure was a lot of people there, including street entertainers.

Arrived in Key West!

Had an easy drive from Marathon,  the wind was not bad, 10 to 15 MPH cross winds.  Settled into the RV park at Trumbo USCG base.  

USCG Marathon RV park

We spent two nights here and now heading to the RV park in Key West at Trumbo.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sombrero Beach

We made at visit to one of the beaches in Marathon Key.   The water was cold, no swimming for us!

Lunch and laundry!

Checked into the rv park at the USCG base in Marathon Key yesterday.   Today went across the street to do our laundry at the "The Marathon Laundromat".    While waiting we are our lunch in the RV, that way we can take a drive around and sight see some after the laundry is done.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Made it to Highlands Hammock State Park in Sebring.

We had a nice trip from Jacksonville,  stopped and ate lunch with some friends are saw their new Holiday Rambler.   We also stopped and saw a Pleasure Way XLTS for sale.  It really looked nice and roomy.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Dinner at the Sandollar tonight.

We took the ferry from Mayport Village across the St John' River and ate dinner at the Sandollar.  We ordered the the Platter for Two, and it was more like for four people!

The food was great and we brought home enough for lunch tomorrow.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Made it to Pelican Roost RV park in Jacksonville, Florida

Had a nice drive, made the trip avoiding Interstates as much as possible.   We spent Friday night at my brother's place in Byron, GA.  We headed toward Jacksonville on US 341 and found ourselves traveling along the Peaches to Beaches yard sale.

We pulled in Pelican Roost to see a beautiful sunset silhouetting some navy ships.  It a nice sight for the end of this leg on our trip.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Getting ready for our next adventure! Key West here we come!

I have spent the last week getting our Roadtrek ready for the road.  I de-winterized it by flushing the anti-freeze from the water lines and tank followed by sanitizing the the fresh water system.  We gave the interior a good cleaning and started packing all our clothes and food.  

Friday we are heading out to our final destination at Trumbo RV Park in Key West, Florida.  

It's going to be a fun trip, been looking forward to Key West for the last six months or so.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The early bird gets the worm, or in our case, the cash.

We had a good night sleep in the Beau Rivage oversized vehicle parking lot.  We got up early, had a little breakfast and headed over to the casino.

We enjoy playing the Heidi Beer Haus machine, they are fun to play.  I ending losing  $50 in one Heidi machine and Deb lost $60 in a different  Heidi machine.  As we were getting ready to go I said let's play $20 more and Deb said to put it in a different Heidi machine.  I said after that we will leave.

That turned out to be a good choice!  On her third pull she hit a nice jackpot and we cashed out with enough money to pay for our five day trip and even have money left over.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Ocean Springs Mississippi

We found a great place to park for the Mardi Gras parade.   It was the first time Debra saw a Mardi Gras parade, she enjoyed it.  After the parade we drove to the Beau Rivage and parked in their oversized lot across the street.  We had supper at the buffet and I am stuffed.

Here is the pile of beads we collected today.

Visiting Biloxi

We arrived in Biloxi about 7 pm and found a spot to park across the street from the Hard Rock Casino.  We lost $20 in the Hard Rock casino pretty quick and decided to head back to our RV for dinner.

Debra had cooked some filets in the oven back home and all she had to do was brown them in a skillet.  We enjoyed some boiled potatoes and some Asian kale salad along with the filet.

We heard several trains thorugh out the night, some people might not like that but we do.  We also had a little rain during the night.

It is suppose to rain today, but we are going to visit Ocean Springs for the Mardi Gras parade and shop a little at Shearwater Pottery.