Friday, July 12, 2019

Day 30 - Made it to Independence

We spent the night at the Walmart in Dodgeville, very quiet and we had a neighbor.

We headed out to Prairie Du Chien.  We stopped and walked around Blackwater Ave, a lot of beautiful old buildings.

From there we crossed the Mississippi River and visited the Casino Queen in Marquette, Iowa.  That turned out pretty good for us, we put $20 in a Sizzling 7 $1 machine, had a couple of small wins.  We slowly went down to$4, playing$2 a spin, and the next spin had three red 7's that paid $150!

We cashed out and headed to the buffet.  After paying for the buffet we left with $98 more in our pocket than we we arrived.

Our next stop was Elkader, Iowa just to check out the bridge there and some of the buildings.  The bridge was really interesting, it is a twin arch keystone bridge, it's also the longest key stone west of the Mississippi River.

Passing through Strawberry Point we took a few photos, more beautiful buildings.

Made it to Independence, IA just before sunset.

Day 29 - Made it to Dodgeville

We spent the night at the Cracker Barrel in Wisconsin Dells.

We had a great time in Wisconsin Dells!  We took a tour on one of the boats, a slow one on the upper side.  The rock formations were amazing.

I will update later with more photos.

We headed out and stopped at Taliesin but got there too late to tour it.  We took just s few outside photos.

Next, we happened across the town of Spring Green.  We discovered several buildings here had a Frank Lloyd Wright influence and enjoyed taking snapshots of some of them.  And what a friendly town, tonight was Locals Night - The Shed.  There was music, a crooner with a crooner microphone.  And food and drink.  All this happening in the prettiest downtown park.  We had a very pleasant time meeting and talking with some friendly locals!