Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Day 16 - Stop 3 - Winslow, AZ

On our way to the Petrified Forest National Monument we passed through Winslow, it was such a fine town to see.  There is a song with words kind of like that, but I did find myself standing on a corner there.  I did see a girl in a flat bed floor, well at least a painting of her.

Day 16 - Stop 2 - Walnut Canyon National Monument

After leaving Montezuma Castle National Monument we headed to Walnut Canyon National Monument.  

After viewing the canyon Debra cooked some lunch in the Roadtrek.  We enjoyed pork chops, hash browns and fresh asparagus.   Having a RV makes it great to travel, you have your own bed and kitchen, that is so wonderful!

Day 16 - Stop 1 - Montezuma Castle National Monument

Woke up a little late, we were the last RV to leave.  Thought we would stop in at the Cliff casino, left there with $22 less in my pocket.  So the free night really cost me $22, not bad.

From there we headed to Montezuma Castle National Monument.  You don't get a chance to get too close to the ruins anymore, but at one time you could actually climb up to them!  Very smart to not let people actually visit them anymore, too dangerous for people and the ruins.  

I have a knack for finding Class B RV's it seems.

Next stop, Walnut Canyon National Monument. 

Day 15 - Leaving Tucson and heading north

We left Davis-Montham about 10:00 after breakfast and securing the RV for getting on the road.  We made a visit to Eegee's to try one of their frozen drinks.  We had a Pineapple-watermelon drinks and it was pretty good, different, but good.  

When then headed to the Saguaro National Park to see the big cactus that cover the land there.  Some of the things we learned about the mighty Saguaro is that they grown about 1 inch a year, they weigh about 100 pounds for each foot in height and they about 100 years old when they spout "arms".  

We stopped in Coolidge and bought some Bar-B-Que at Bubba's BBQ, I guess now you know I like BBQ!  I bought just a big sandwich to split with Debra, it was good, made a good choice.  

Next stop on our route, Casa Grande Ruins National Monument in Coolidge, AZ.  

Passing through Chandler we stopped for a much needed car wash visit to clean the Roadtrek.  We found Crystal Springs Car wash and their bays that were big enough for our 9'9" tall RV.  

All clean and back on the road heading north on our way to Camp Verde where we planned to stay in the parking lot of the Cliff Castle Casino.  There were about 6 RV's parking there, another Class B, some Class A's and a couple of trailers.  The casino had a shuttle that would pick you and bring you back if you wanted.  

I will edit some video for the places we stopped at later, no time right now.