Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Day 14 - Touring Coachmen Class B factory today

We spent the night again at the RV/MH Hall of Fame, it has a large parking lot and so handy.  There were five other RVs here with us spending the night, the museum opens at 9 am.

Today we are heading to Middlebury to tour the factory where Coachmen Galleria and Beyond Class B motorhomes are built.

We had a great time at the factory!  I will be posting a video soon of our tour.  It was really interesting to see how the Beyond is built.  We actually had two tours today, one by Greg and one by Nick.

We saw the craftsmanship put into these Class B motorhomes.  Starting with an empty van we saw how the build progressed until a completed Beyond rolled off the line to head to a new owner.

I was really amazed by the effort taken to insulate the coach.

A radiant barrier is installed on the floor to block heat from hot parking lots. Another radiant barrier is applied to the ceiling to help keep heat from the sun out.  This product also helps to dampen noise to create a quieter coach.

Next layer is Rockwool R15, which both insulates and contributes to the sound reduction.  Additionally, the wheel wells are wrapped with Hushmat, an important step to help quiet the coach from road noise.  Often overlooked but not by Coachmen!

You can also opt for an optional insulation package called Phase Change.  It's a revolutionary and  propriatry product from Coachmen to even further insulate the coach.

The optional Li3 package has a 600 AH lithium battery that is UL rated!  The electrical system is designed to work in harmony with all of the components.  Solar panels and a under hood generator help keep the batteries charged.

A super quiet 12 volt AC is available, we heard it running from both inside and outside.  The sound level inside was very quiet, on 45% fan speed I could hardly hear it.  On the outside it was a little louder, but not really loud.  We were inside the factory right under an opened garage door, not the best accoustics for sound levels.  But even in that location the sound was not bad.

The cabinetry is Amish made, real wood and what you would find in nice home cabinets.

And being powered by an easy to maintain Ford gasoline engine is like the cherry on top.

If you are in the market for a Class B make sure to check out the Coachmen Beyond!