Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Day three begins with visiting sights in Monroe and West Monroe.

We started our day with a visit to Duck Commander in West Monroe.  They have a large and welcoming store with a good variety of gifts available, many of them with nice inspirational messages.  Unfortunately we did not see any of the guys from the TV show Duck Dynasty there that day.  

From there we headed to Trenton Street in West Monroe, that is one of my wife's favorite places to visit when we go to the Twin Cities.  This area is known as Antique Alley, and it lives up to it's name!  The Mojo Boutique is a must visit for my wife, they have unique clothing and accessories.  

After a bit of walking around and shopping we got in our Roadtrek and headed over to Monroe to visit the Garden District.  The Garden District has many beautiful old homes and lovely yards to look at.  Some home front Country Club Lake which runs along Island Drive.  It has a nice bayou look to it and I remember fishing there when I was in high school.

We then proceeded to visit the Masur Museum of Art in Monroe.  The museum is located in the former home of the Masur family.  It is said to be the largest collecting and exhibiting visual arts museum in northeast Louisiana.   

We drove out to Ray's Pege in Monroe to see how it looked.  It was not a pretty sight seeing the burnt building and sign in disrepair, so many fond memories eating there.  

We headed back to West Monroe to try lunch at the Magic Grill, it is suppose to be as good as Ray's Pege.  I thought it was okay, just kind of hard to compare it to something I really loved.

We drove around looking at some of my old hangouts and such stopping at Johnny's Pizza on Warren Drive to pick up dinner for the night.  Headed back to my friends home to enjoy the pizza and spend one last night camping in her driveway.