Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Day 17 - Albuquerque - Old Town

After driving around finding Breaking Bad filming locations we headed to Old Town.  There you will some very unique buildings, covering about ten blocks of historic adobe buildings.  The oldest building in the city is the San Felipe de Neri Church, it was built in 1793.  Many of the original buildings there that were once government offices, shops and home are now art galleries, shops and restaurants.  

What do you know, a Roadtrek Agile passing through town.  

San Felipe de Neri Church

Day 17 - Some of the interesting photos we took along the way

Day 17 - Albuquerque - Breaking Bad self tour

Woke up and left the Fire Rock Casino parking lot at 8:30.  I would not recommend it as a free place if you don't like trains, a lot of trains!  It seemed like endless trains went by during the night.  The casino is located between I-40 and Route 66 on one side and railroad tracks on the other side so you hear a bit of noise either way, traffic or trains.  But it was free and we even made a little money the night we arrived there so all is good.

After a couple hours on the road we made it to Albuquerque and made a route to see some of the Breaking Bad filming locations.

El  Pollo Hermanos - Really Mexican restaurant  now.

We ate at Twister's and it was really good!  If you are in town stop
at one of their locations if you like Mexican food.

Jesse Pinkman's house

Car Wash

Walter White's house -  I took just a quick photo from
the moving RV to be less of a pain to the owners.

Saul's office

An RV setup with great gas mileage!

We saw this on I-17 just south of Flagstaff, it looks like a great way to travel on a minimalist life style.