Friday, May 19, 2017

Day 22 - New River Gorge, Kanawha Falls, Glen Ferris Hydroelectric Facility and Richwood!

We spent the night in the parking lot at Tamarack.  When we pulled in there was another Roadtrek CS Adventurous just like ours.  We parked in front of it, it made such a wonderful sight to see them both there.  In the morning we met the people in the other Roadtrek, there are nice folks.  They invited us to see their RV and we showed them ours.  It is always interesting to see how someone else sets up the same motor home to have it suit them.  


We parted ways and headed back to the highway, Richwood, WV will be home for the night.  

First stop along our way, Canyon Rim Visitor Center in Lansing, WV.  From here we had a great view of the New River Gorge and the New River Gorge Bridge.  

We stopped for lunch at Gino's Pizza & Spaghetti House in Gauley Bridge, WV.  We left Spike in the RV with the AC on, the four AGM batteries have been doing a good job so far of running the AC for about an hour at a time.  We also stopped along the Kanawha River and had a view of the Kanawha Falls and the Glen Ferris Hydroelectric facility

We made it to Richwood at 4:38 pm and pulled into the Chamber of Commerce parking lot.  Debra had made plans with them to let us park there overnight, and it was a great location, just one block from the main intersection in down town.  We walked across the street and ate dinner at the Oakford Diner, we had some ramps with the meal.  Ramps are a kind of wild onion, and are very special to the folks in this area of West Virginia.

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Day 21 - Mount Sterling, KY

We had a nice visit to Mt Sterling, there is a church in town that we really like.  I always talk about fixing up our old back yard style shop into something nice and this is one of the looks I like.  Maybe one day I will own a small chapel and perform weddings.

Day 21 - Kentucky Folk Art Center - Morehead, KY & Tamarack, WV

After leaving Mt Sterling we stopped in Morehead, KY.  Located there is the Kentucky Folk Art Center, I stayed outside in the Roadtrek with Spike while Debra went inside.  She said it was a nice folk art center and was very glad we stopped.  Here are the photos she took.

Welcome to West Virginia!

Next stop Tamarack to spend the night in their parking lot.  According to my app RVParky it is a great place to spend the night.  We pulled into the Beckley Travel Plaza and dumped our black and gray tanks.  They even have a potable water supply to fill our freshwater tank.  The lot at the travel plaza is really for semi trucks, they ask that all RV's park across the street at Tamarack.  Tamarack is called "The Best of West Virginia" and is the nation's first showcase of handcrafts, fine arts and regional cuisine.  It is basically a nicely decorated retail store that has some working studios for resident artisans, a theater, a food court and a conference center.  

When we pulled in to park a spotted another Roadtrek CS Adventurous and had to park near it.  I love finding other Class B motor homes to park by, and when it is a Roadtrek that makes it even better.