Monday, May 22, 2017

Mattress topper for RV bed - queen size

Day 24 - Andrew Johnson's home, Mosheim and Etowah TN and then home!

We left Bristol, it was a very rainy morning and we headed out from the Walmart parking lot at 10:30 am.  There were still several RV's and semi's in the parking lot when we left, I guess they were not looking forward to driving in the rain also.  

Our first stop was in Greeneville, TN, the home of Andrew Johnson.  We stopped at the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site and took a short tour.  Greeneville is a nice looking old city, it was just to wet to get out and walk about.

We left Greeneville and headed back to I-81 when we spotted a beautiful old church.  It is the Blue Springs Church in Mosheim, TN.  We drove around a little in town to see some of the home homes there.  It was a nice unplanned stop, the church is amazing to see.  

The next town we drove through as an unplanned stop was Etowah, TN.  Another neat little town to visit.

We made it home at 7:15 pm!  It was a great trip, saw many wonderful sights, met many great people along the way and already making plans for our next adventure.

And there are the trip numbers, 5971 miles, 147 hours behind the wheel with an average speed of 40 mph.  And the Sprinter delivered us 17.5 mpg of diesel.