Friday, May 5, 2017

Day 11 - A visit to Shakespeare Ghost Town - New Mexico

After leaving Walmart and heading west on I 10 we reached Arizona and stopped at the welcome center.  While looking around Debra noticed a flyer for Shakespeare Ghost Town and made a comment about how it is only open a few times a year.  The lady at the desk overheard her and said they are open two days a month and today was one of them!  She said they have two tours and the first one was going to start in 20 minutes.  She said if we left now we would make it, I thanked her and off we went.

We made it just in time for the tour, along with a couple of other people.  I shot a lot of video and will put together a video soon, no time tonight to make it now.  I will say that it is a very interesting place and has some rich history.  If you have a chance to visit and you enjoy old west towns and the history they hold try to tour Shakespeare.  Just remember they have only couple of days a month they are open.

After we left Shakespeare we headed to Lordsburg, NM to see the town and maybe find a place to eat.  We did not find any place to eat that we liked so we jumped back onto I 10 and headed toward Tucson.  

I saw a truck stop at the exit for Willcox that had a good price on diesel, I needed to fill my tank and pulled off the Interstate.  I filled up the tank and we decided to eat there in the buffet, first and only buffet on the trip.  We left Spike in the RV with the AC running on the house batteries while we dined.  We really like the AC on batteries the Roadtrek offers.

Diesel tank and bellies full we made it back to the Interstate with a goal of making it to Tucson by night fall.  We made it to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base after a late arrival, office closed so will check in after 0800 am.  More about Davis-Monthan tomorrow.