Monday, May 1, 2017

Day 7 - Fort Lancaster & Fort Davis and Marfa, TX

Left the Sonora TX Safety Rest Area at 7:50 am with Fort Lancaster in our sights.  Had a great nights sleep, woke up to bunch of other vehicles that also spent the night there.  We stopped at the scenic overlook and our way to the fort, here is a short video showing the fort in the distance.

Driving down the mountain we reached Fort Lancaster, it is just ruins now, but it is easy to visualize the way it once looked. The Ranger gave us a golf cart to ride around on and see the ruins.

After touring the ruins we headed to Fort Davis to tour some ruins as well as some restored structures.  Fort Davis is an amazing place to visit, the restored structures are very well done and show how life was back then.  

I will have to create some videos for both Fort Lancaster and Fort Davis at a later date, my PC is having some video editing issues now.

From Fort Davis we headed to Marfa, TX and enjoyed lunch at Mando's Restaurant & bar, it was very good.  We drove around Marfa and here are some of the photos we took.

Back on the road and heading to our next stop, Van Horn, TX.  I found the Willows RV park on Passport America and will have full hookups for $12.50!  We arrived in time for Debra to a much needed laundry visit!  After a couple of nice, warm showers and dinner Debra made it time for bed.