Sunday, May 7, 2017

Days 14 - A simple day of relaxation

We decided to stay two more days at the FamCamp at Davis-Montham.  The have a dog wash there, kind of like a car wash but smaller and enclosed.  We took Spike there along with a handful of quarters to pay for the wash.  he liked it pretty well until we tried the dryer, it was loud and all three of us decided a towel would be better.  He was glad the vote was three to zero on the towel vote!  With the humidity at 15% according to my hygrometer in my RV it did not take long for him to dry.

We met with another of Debra's cousin and her husband for lunch at Pocos & Mom's.  They are dog friendly, so we ate outside with Spike joining us for lunch.  The waiter brought Spike a big bowl of water and that made him happy.  The food was great and the company was better, it is nice to be able to travel now at leisure being retired to catch up with family around the country.  Having a class B makes it so easy to just jump in it and drive somewhere. 

We went shopping at the commissary and I stopped to get a haircut.   It was nice to be able to go to a nice commissary, this one was really nice.  It even had a nice firearm department!

Dinner was at one of Debra's cousin's house, most of her relatives that live in the Tucson area showed up and it was great!