Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Day 9 - Roswell New Mexico, UFO's and more!

We made it to Roswell and saw a UFO in a field with the aliens talking to some Earthlings.  
Thinking Roswell might fun!

We drove into town and stopped for some coffee and donuts at a little place that caught our eyes.  The donuts were pretty tasty and the coffee good, can't say it was out of the wold though.

We made it to the UFO Museum and proceeded inside leaving Spike in the Roadtrek with the AC running on batteries, a nice feature.  Once inside we found out they were dog friendly, and also many other businesses in that part of town are as well.  Debra went out to get Spike and bring him in with us, he was much happier at first, but then saw the aliens!  He did not like them to much, they were kind of strange looking, and when they moved and made noise that was it for him.  

After an interesting stay learning about the Roswell incident and other stories from around the world it makes you wonder what really happened.  

We left the museum and walked around a bit before starting a drive around town.  Stopped at a car wash to try and remove the mass of insects that were covering the front end of the Roadtrek.  Debra took a lot of photos of many of the aliens around town, here are some of them.


When then drove to Cahoon Park to enjoy a picnic finishing off the rest of the steaks from the previous day's purchase.  After our late lunch we drove around some more to see Roswell, it is a much larger city than I was expecting.  I liked how the McDonalds looked like a UFO, that was neat.  

After all the driving and sightseeing we made it to Walmart to spend the night in their parking lot.  We were surprised to see a bunch of other RV's there, seems it is a popular place to spend the night at.