Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Day 8 - Desert Willow RV Park & Margie's Bakery (Van Horn), Carlsbad Caverns and Cottonwood Wine and Brewery.

Woke up from a great nights sleep at Desert Willow RV Park in Van Horn.  Using my Passport America membership we paid only $12.50 for the night!  A steal for a full service campground.  With clean laundry, a full freshwater tank and empty black and gray tanks we are ready for another 4 or 5 days staying cheap somewhere.  One little tip to remember, keep plenty of quarters in your RV for laundries.  We checked in after hours and luckily had enough to do our laundry.  

One other little tidbit of advice, be careful spraying aerosols in a small RV, the propellant might set off your propane detector.  We found that out today the loud way, our detector works!

All loaded up and ready to go we are going to stop in town at Debra's favorite 
little restaurant in this part of Texas, Margie's Bakery.

After a wonderful meal we set our sights northward to our next destination, Carlsbad Caverns.  We did
not see the bats, that would have been really exciting!  We did have a blast walking through the caves, we did take the easy way down and rode the elevator.  It is a strange experience going into the cavern if you have never done it before.  It is kind of cool, but the humidity is high, it is dark even with all the lighting.  But that helps you see all the cool shadows and odd shapes.


After leaving the Cavern we continued our path north to Artesia and pulled into the Cottonwood Wine and Brewery.  They are members of Boondockerswelcome and welcomed us to spend the night at their winery.  We bought a bottle of  Chardonnay from them to enjoy later on.  They told us were we could buy some steaks to cook for dinner, a local store called Gregg's Food.  We headed there and picked up two steaks.